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Updated 27.12.2017

It only seems like yesterday that I started my bear making journey and here I am in 2017 back at the beginning again....working on a blog to showcase my work just as I did in 1999 with a very simple blog style website!

Times have changed a lot, thankfully so have my bears and I am now a happy little bear maker working hard to create fun and original bears and critters for collectors old and young, near or far, in the hope that they make all they meet smile and feel good 

I have taken a large decision to close my website as our online tastes have changed so has the need for a large and expensive all singing all dancing website.  I will be using this blog page to show you all the latest bears and  you will be able to look back and see old bears and available bears and all the latest information on shows and other exciting things that come out of my wobbly mind over the coming months and years.

So bookmark this page for return trips to the wacky world of me........I have l…

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